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June 8th, 2004

12:47 pm - ohmigod this is loke totally important
so ive gotten sick of this name and how it makes me sound like a twelve year old girl. miss beth has inspired me to make a new one. it sounds SO much more intellectual. it's im SO smart and yeah. add my new one to yr friends if you want and ill add you back

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June 4th, 2004

01:36 pm - Awwww....
You are a School Boy Kiss!! you're a deprived
catholic school boy who needs some action...
don't get caught in the locker room!

What kind of Hot Boy Kiss are you??
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08:23 am - I am SOO brilliant- this goes in the dc avengers zine!
I am so pissed that the Washignton Times always puts marriage in quotations whenever theyre talking about gay unions! How passive-agressive is that? I can do it too! I think that the "editor" of the Washington Times "newspaper" is full of "SHIT"!!

I'm doing a paper on victorian women's clothing. Isn't that fascinating? Its fascinating enough to marquee across your screen. woooooooooooooaaaaaahhhhh..........

I named my paper journal Lucinda Roy. She's some author. I like her name. I address every one of my journal entries to her, like theyre letters. I think one day, I'll mail them to her. She'll be pleased as punch, not creeped out. I'm SURE of it...

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07:05 am - I smell so damn good. MMmmmmm, roses!
Hello anne! umm, yr crazy. i woke up in a good mood today and then when i brushed my teeth they didn't bleed! i love wasting people's time by having them read this crap. ill write later. anne is being helpful

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June 1st, 2004

10:23 am - never fear! the queers are here! and they have beer, so cheer! dont tear!
gender nazi
You are a Gender Nazi. Your boundary-crossing
lifestyle inspires awe in your friends and
colleagues. Or maybe they're just scared you
will kick their asses for using gender-specific
language. Either way, the wife-beater helps.

What kind of postmodernist are you!?
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i almost called miss beth "macbeth" today, isnt that just hilarious?

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09:41 am - shut the fuck up, david
this weekend i saw MY ADAM! i am so in love with him that i would totally marry him, but gays can't marry, right? oh well. its so sick that i seriously could marry him, totally legally, in every state in the country. ah well. i AM in love with him. i havent seen him in forever, since i broke up with his psycho ex-best friend, sanya. now he knows shes nuts. so we can make fun of her behind her back. anyway, we went to the improv and it was ever so much fun. i can't even begin to explain it, he's just a big old queen and im very happy that were speaking again.

...and i saw beth and we went to viva vienna and i won a HOT PINK BLOWUP GUITAR! beth had her pink blowup sax and we pretended like we were rock stars and danced with them in front of her mirror and lip synched to dressy bessy. we are so damn cool. hey beth- ill bet you thought that secret was safe but hahahah, the world knows what freakin dorks we are. i am so devious. lalalalala, we also watched being john malkovitch and i too am now smitten with cameron diaz. thats really a great name, i never realized it before. the movie was a lot queerer than i expected. and i can do the fly! huzzah!

...and EVERYONE must come to the dykemarch poster party this saturday(june 5)! its at the witman walker clinic, 1407 S st. nw (u st cardozo metro, 13th st exit) you can be a marshal (we desperately need more!) which means you keep all the dykes in line and keep em all safe and its really not hard, you pretty much usher them away from traffic and know what to do in emergencies and get a hot pink T.W.A.T. Team (thats "tigers, wild and tame" you know) t shirt and you need to show up at 10 am and the poster making and all is at 12-3pm, same place and day and all, you can make gorgeous posters and t shirts for the marshals and noise makers and organizer sashes and pasties if you'd like (but dont need in dc!!!) and well provide everything, but bring stuff if you can- especially posterboard, markers and those avery labels, the ones they use for address labels that we can make stickers with- we need them desperately, steal them from work, school, yr parents, whatever. and you can also learn to EAT FIRE!! we will have the trainer there again! its so great- even if you cant come to the march, please help out! we will be sidewalk chalking the area too! yay!

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May 28th, 2004

02:03 pm - i DO i DO... but dyke sex is better. at least what i remember of it...

i support hot gay sex.

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11:16 am - arg. get what you wish for, eh?
goddammit. i smelled some grape bubble gum and was thinking about how i wanted some and then i got it. on my fucking skirt, it was stuck under the table so that when i put my legs under it, it stuck to me. now i have to change clothes before going to the IMPROV tonight with adam and his new boy toy- hes dating a 17 year old twink from leesburg and im wondering if it could be the same guy i know whos from there. hmmm... ill see tonight. wow, this guy next to me is watching some video of the matrix with fart noises added in. how brilliant. i really should be doing my homework. its due in an hour... wow, now its some woman shaking her ass like no other. pretty impressive, really.
Current Music: goddamned farting kaneu

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May 26th, 2004

09:14 am - visa mastercard discovered that i was spent..
..took my heart, my BEST JEANS and left me with payin the rent!!

guess what i did on monday night?? I ATE FIRE!!!!! how cool is that? i learned last year for the dyke march and sort of refreshed my skills for this one. ill teach anyone who wants to and EVERYONE must come to the dc dyke march, dupont circle, june 12, 1pm! itll be great!

and guess what else- i made my bus today! hurray!

i have an avengers meeting tonight and i still havent written what i was supposed to for the zine. oh well, ill do it this afternoon. i have two mini- rants. hmmm, what makes me angry??? the class is over! oh me oh my!

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May 25th, 2004

11:17 am

i still dont know what this meme thing is...

You are Bettie Page!
You're Bettie Page!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
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hurrah for bettie!

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